We started a sermon series this past week on being Vintage.  Anchored in the past but not stuck in the past.  It started me thinking about the ways we communicate.

Communication has changed.  From everyone having a “Home” phone to now many people rely on their cell phone as their “Home” phone. Social media is another form of communication.  Sometimes our self-imposed value is based on how many Facebook “Friends” one has or how many Twitter “Followers”.  Much of the time these “Friends” or “Followers” are those that you have never met or will never meet and do not personally know you.

It seems to me that people are missing real relationships.  Relationships where you are only known on the surface by what is on Facebook, or on Twitter are not REAL  From my perspective, one of the reasons that we lack deep personal relationships is that people don’t TALK anymore.  When I say talk, I mean TALK. Not text, not posting on Facebook, not Tweeting, not Instagram or any of the other millions of ways of “communicating” without actually talking to people. Texting, Tweeting, posting, etc. lacks emotion and allows us to isolate ourselves.  How someone posts, texts, tweets, etc. is usually not taken the way a writer intended, but how the audience interprets.  How can people possibly get to know who you really are without spending time with them, living life with them or talk to them?  I remember growing up spending literally hours on the phone with my friends.  Just talking.  (That is when call waiting first appeared on the scene.)  When kids get together now, they all sit around on their phones.  Adults do it too, I am guilty.

So what happens when there is a conflict?  Is it hashed it out over text too?  When there is a marriage conflict?  Or at work?  Do we know how to communicate without being limited to 140 characters?

People need to get back to being Vintage.  By that I mean going back to picking up the phone and calling someone.  Talk.  You can hear how they feel, hear them smile, or hear if they are having a difficult time.  This is a first step in knowing people, after that be around them.  Live life with them.

We also used to spend time with family.  Every Sunday we either went to my Grandparents or they came to our house.  Stores were not open on Sunday, it gave us time to spend with others.  Technology is great, I am not saying that.  But are times really better now?  Or are we able to isolate ourselves better because of it? And I am not saying to be stuck in the past.  But there is a lot that I miss about the past.  

I keep telling my kids to pick up the phone and call someone, talk.  They don’t get it.  Anybody hear me?

I found this “Vintage” video that is so appropriate.  I don’t think the Martians know what that ringing thing is either!