Where to start

It has been a while since I have been able to write, had a lot going on at the Hagan household.  There were a few posts I started, but never finished.  Here in Alabama we were surprised Tuesday with what was supposed to be a “dusting” of snow.  We ended up with about 2″.  A lot of people were stranded at work, on interstates and roads, kids stranded at schools too.  My own husband had to leave his car and walk a little over a mile home, and two of my sons left school (although I don’t think they were supposed to) and started their way home.  They made it as far as they could and left the car at a friends and walked about 2 miles the rest of the way with a friend.  Later in the day they walked back and met a friend and his younger brother who had been stranded at a strangers home.  So we have 3 extra boys on top of our own 3.  So if you are counting, that is 7 males & me!  Fun! Our oldest son, who is married, was able to walk home from work and had 3 guests as well.  His wife is a nurse and did not get home until midnight. This story is not rare here.  Many people have taken folks in, rescued some, and showed much hospitality.  We don’t do snow well, since we hardly ever see it.  So when it happens, and especially the way it happened by catching us all off guard, it really causes a mess.  There are abandoned cars everywhere.   So with everything shut down, and no place to go, I thought it would be a good time to write a bit.  I really have no excuse. One of the biggest things that has happened in my life is that I am going to be a Grandmother in June!  And to a baby girl!  We are all very excited.  It will certainly be a change from all the boys.  

I have also started my own business with Silpada Designs.  Beautiful .925 Sterling Silver jewelry that I have enjoyed for a long time so decided to share it with others.  It is a lot of fun and I get to meet lots of new people and get lots of FREE jewelry!  Here is a link for you:   https://mysilpada.com/sites/jana.hagan/private/content/home.jsf

It can be shipped anywhere in the USA and with Valentine’s Day coming up it makes great gifts!   

Well, there have been other things, but nothing really interesting.  God is good and we are blessed.  Attached are a few photos of the snow here in Alabama.  The bottom picture is of my boys and friends sledding down a neighbors yard.20140128_12275920140128_143953 1537477_10200388561835559_1188737734_o484130_10200386821632055_275380373_n



Cast Seeds, not Stones

A while back our sermon was on the Parable of the Sower, and it started me thinking… When we are out “In the World” are we different?  Do we scatter the seeds for God to sow? Or do we throw stones so that the seed has no chance?

Think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts.