The movie Superman was just released a few weeks ago and it started me thinking.  If you could have a SuperPower, what would it be?  Laser vision, to fly, leap tall buildings is a single bound?  I actually found a Superpower Database with a list of all the superpowers:  Really?  Really?  In a society where we are Super Moms, working a full-time job outside the home AND a full-time job at home.  Or full-time moms AND full-time home school moms (More power to you, I could not do it.  Even with ALL the SuperPowers in the world!).  We are all so busy these days and it feels like we are always running on full steam ahead.  A few Super Hero powers would be nice wouldn’t they?  

So what about invisibility?  That might be a good one, huh?

I read recently that the one thing women fear most is being invisible.  To not be seen, to not be heard, to not be listened to.  Do you ever feel that way?  I do.  Even found an article that it happens at age 46.  Great, just great.  Yesterday was my birthday and guess how old I was?  You guessed it, 46.  So poof!  Guess I am now officially invisible.  So what is it that makes us feel invisible?  And how can we combat it?

Not sure if there is one thing that we can put our finger on and say “Yes, that’s it, that is what makes me feel invisible.”, but a process of a lot of events and happenings.  But I do know how to combat it…with God’s Promises straight from His heart.

We are NEVER invisible to Him.  Because He made us exactly this way.  And for a specific purpose.  I remember a teenage boyfriend once told me I was “too emotional”, how’s that for a SuperPower?  Yes, I probably am at times.  But God made women emotional beings.  And we are created in their image right? Their being the Father, Son & Holy Spirit according to Genesis 1:26a  “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…”  The “our” is the Trinity, and the image of them and their likeness created emotion.  So our emotions are attributes of God Himself, and the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  That is comforting to me.  

So remember His promises to YOU on those days, in those moments where you feel invisible.  And, tell someone how you feel.  Confide in a friend and tell her you are feeling invisible.  Chances are she feels or has felt the same.

So I don’t think that having SuperPowers is such a great idea after all, but thankful that my God is the best SUPER HERO that I could ever wish for.  


Can I get a big AMEN?  



Not so Sunday Feeling

What about those days where you don’t feel so Sunday?  Some days I just feel a bit blue or having a “Me” day.  Where I cannot get past my self.  Do you ever have days like that?

I admit I do, more often than I would like.  

Those days I need to take a closer look at myself, at my heart and see what is going on.  Why am I feeling this way?  Do I need to spend more time alone with Jesus.  Probably.  Definitely.

Most of the time that is exactly what the root of my issues are.  I am allowing myself to crowd out Jesus.  

I am a selfish person.  It is a daily struggle to not want what I want.  It is a daily struggle to not want to be first.  It is a struggle to be anything but last.  

I DO NOT like this about myself.  It is not very becoming of a “Southern Lady”.  It is not becoming.

Will I continue to struggle, yes I will.  But I know that He is there with me every step of the difficult struggle and He loves me.  

I ask you to please pray for me.  God is filling me with wonderful ideas.  Don’t know how He is going to work all of them out, but that is His job.  Please pray that I will not get in the way.  I get very excited and sometimes it seems that my agenda gets mixed in with God’s work.  In my excitement to share the ideas with others, it has been said that it comes across as pushy.  So sometimes I don’t tell anyone what is up in my head or heart.  Last month during Church one Sunday morning, I clearly heard God tell me that I am called.  Thus began an argument with Him.  He did not tell me what it is yet He has called me.  But in my insistence that He cannot possibly use me because I am too selfish or not equipped.  He continued to impress upon me that He WILL use me and He WILL equip me for whatever He needs done.  I am scared and excited at the same time.  There is still major work He has to do in me, but we will see what He brings.


A Weighty Issue

As a teen my weight bothered me.  In my eyes I was overweight.  Looking back it was a distorted perception, I was no bigger than other teenage girls.  I was pretty normal being 5’6″ and about 125.  After my first son the weight came off fairly easy with a good diet plan, but over the years my weight crept up slowly.  Exercise and Weight Watchers became a part of my life, but I would lose 20 or so pounds and then get bored.  Eventually gaining it back.  My “normal” weight became anywhere from 140-160, which I was NOT comfortable.  After the birth of my fourth son, and reconciliation of my marriage my weight hit an all time high at 255.   Women especially do not like to talk about weight, or even speak of the number on the scale but I am going to speak out.

At 35 years old I hit a low, or a high as in weight.  I knew that if I did not do something to lose the weight, that in 10 years I would be another 100 pounds overweight.  Thankfully I did not have any health issues…yet.  But it would not be long before they developed if I continued on this path.  In 2002 I decided to look into Gastric Bypass surgery.  Yes, it was drastic.  But I felt it was my only hope at finally losing the weight and keeping it off and being there for my kids and husband.  I prayed about it and asked God that if it was His will, all the necessary doors would be opened.  My doctor’s appointment was in June 2002 and approval came in record time for surgery mid-August of that year.

Here it is 11 years later and I have kept it off.  I still tell people I cheated when they ask how I did it.  My usual weight now is 125-130.  People do not believe me when I tell them, and then I show them my photos.  I keep them as a reminder.  My mother-in-law recently sent me a photo she found of me in 2001, it is horrible. But I am also very thankful.  I am healthy, and very blessed.  Me Fat 1

I tell you this as an encouragement if you are facing difficult battles whether it is weight or another issue.  Many have said that they know someone who has had the same surgery and they have gained their weight back (countless times I have heard this) and how do I keep it off?  I tell them that you have to make changes, and keep the changes.  Yes, I still eat chocolate and I still usually put too much food on my plate.  It is a daily battle and I am thankful for it.

Now, if I can just have the plastic surgery to put things back where God originally had them. Until then I am very thankful for great padded bras and Spanx! 🙂