People Pleaser

7 Signs of a People Pleaser:

1.  Duty is a primary motivator.

2.  Legitimate needs are quickly and easily set aside.

3.  Decisiveness makes you feel as if you are hurting others.

4.  Finds it difficult to live within limits.

5.  Is sensitive to judgment and criticism.

6.  Feels the need to control life.

7.  Is dishonest about who they are and what they want.

I don’t like the above definition.  It does not make me feel good that I am any of those things. But I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be selfish too.  But I do not like to say no, and I really want everyone to like me.  Being honest, it does not surprise me because it fits in quite well with my rejection issues.  Is it because I am the first born? Is it some other nebulous reason that I cannot totally explain?  I don’t have all the answers.  But I do know that God does not want me to be this way.  He is pleased with me, and wants me to be happy.  

That was difficult for me to grasp.  Since when it comes to being “happy”, I tend to be a bit cynical.  “Happy” as it is shown on TV is fake.  Life is not like what you see on TV.  But I am not talking about “happy” in the worlds definition, but “happy” as my Father’s definition.  

And to hear that He is pleased with me, now that is really beyond my comprehension.  

But it is TRUE!  Ed Newton gave our sermon this past Sunday and here is what he said about God the Father being pleased with us:

“This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”  Matthew 3:17b NIV

God the Father tells us that He is well pleased with His Son, and whoever has the Son has Life.  If I have the Son, Jesus Christ, then God the Father says those same words to me! 

I am still having trouble receiving this message.  It is not something that is possible is it?  Could God the Father possibly be pleased with me?  There is NO way.  I am a sinner.  And I certainly cannot be compared on any level with His Son.  But…I do have LIFE through His Son Jesus Christ.  I will have to work on this one.  

So, maybe today I can remember that my Father is pleased with me and wants me to be happy.  But more than likely it is going to take a while for that one to sink in deep into my heart.


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