It is a new year.  Many people make resolutions like starting a new diet, exercise, eat better, etc..   And because I don’t really make resolutions, instead I am going to make some “investments”:

1.  Invest time (hopefully daily) with God and His Word.  He has invested MUCH in me, so He deserves for me to invest in Him.

2. Invest in my husband.  God has placed him in my life, and I need to invest in him.

3.  Invest in my children.  Same as above.

4.  Invest in myself.  In my dreams, whatever those are, and more time in writing and trying to figure out at least some of what God has in store for me.  IF that is even possible. 🙂

5.  Smile more.

6. Laugh more.

7.  Dance more.

8.  Forgive, a LOT more.

These are just a few of the things that I want to invest in this new year.  I had to stop at 8 because those of you who know me, know that I am a list maker & will continue to add to the list.  I drive myself crazy with lists.

I also ask for prayers for a few things.  My 20yo son Stuart starts back to college tomorrow.  While he is only taking one class, I ask for prayers for direction for him. Everyone’s path is different, and that is ok.  But he has so much in that head of his, but gets discouraged so easily.  Pray that he will find his way, and that God would show him His way and plan for him.  He loves photography, and really has an eye.  Below are two of his photos taken last week when we visited the Biltmore House.

SONY DSC603295_3509749841381_508038549_n

Prayers that we will encourage him well too.

Prayers for me in this new year.  To stay on track (again whatever that means) and for God to reveal plans for me.

Happy New Year!!!

Here is a pic of us and three of the boys in North Carolina.  No some mysterious Russian did not photo-bomb us.  That is the brilliant photographer himself.



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