That Sunday Feeling

Do you ever leave Church and wish you could keep that feeling all week?  I know I do.  I sit in Church and talk to God about all the things I have done wrong and ask Him each week to help me through the next.  Sometimes my heart breaks over how I disappointed Him and broken His heart over my actions, thoughts, words.  I mean well.  I fully intend on doing things different that next week.  But for some reason most of the time I do not follow through and find myself back in the same seat the next.  Can I say…I really hate it.  I know He is there.  I know He is waiting on me.  But my flesh gets in the way.  Most of the time it’s just life.  The busyness.  The job.  The family.  The stuff.   Some weeks I do better than others, spending more time with Him.  But I still strive to do more.  I know I will never be as close to Him as I should, but so thankful that HE gives me His Grace & Mercy fresh every day.

Today, I am also thankful that Sunday is only a few days away!


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