I Peter 5:7

7 Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you.

I used to think this was such a cliché verse.  One that when you had problems people would always recite.  So when God and I were talking about His plans for me,  I told Him that I did not want a “cliché” verse.  I didn’t want one everybody knew.  I wanted to be different.  Well, as I began praying and asking Him to reveal His vision & mission for me, what verse did He lead me to over and over again?  I Peter 5:7.  

He knows that I need to know He cares about me.  And not just in a “cliché” way.  He cares about every aspect of my life.  From anxiety over my job, to the relationships with my boys and husband, to my uncertainty of what He is doing in my life.  ALL aspects of me and my life, He cares about each one.

He showed me John 11:35, “Jesus wept” (sobbed, cried).  This is where Lazarus had died and Jesus cried with his sisters.  Now Ladies, we all know that sometimes men are not the best at comforting.  And when we need a gentle word, they usually come back with some logical response that does not help at all.  Jesus knew that Lazarus would rise from the dead, as a matter of fact He even said so, but they did not understand.  But instead of giving them some logical answer, He cried with them.  He sobbed with them.  He grieved with them.  So in their deepest pain He comforted them.  And when I am struggling, grieving, angry, anxious, whatever emotion I am feeling, He comes along side me and is right there.  What a wonderful Father, to give us a Son that is 100% human and feels emotion.  It is not a bad thing to feel.  Christ felt emotion.  So if HE could, then we can.

So I am not trying to be cliché, but He does care.  He cares about you.  Please remember that today.  


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